Ayatollah says EP resolution encouraged by passivity before West

Tehran, YJC. Clergyman says a certain body of Iranian statesmen have played lax to encourage an EU resolution against the country.

Mehr News Agency reports that ayatollah Hossein Nouri Hamedani who was giving a lecture in Qom pointed to the recent European Parliament resolution against Iran and said “It is a pity that some have behaved in a way before the West to make them think that the system of the Islamic Republic has changed and that Iran is no more the country it used to be, making them think that they can implement their plans.”

“The Westerners accuse us of the violation of human rights for executing smugglers and say homosexuality has to turn legal in Iran,” Hamedani stated.

The ayatollah further added “We have to act offensively against the Westerns world not defensively,” and then addressed the Western countries saying “You support and empower the Takfiri. Your unmanned aircrafts murder the poor people of Pakistan. You kill the oppressed Afghani, and things like that. Now is it us or you who violate human rights?”

“The Islamic Republic is founded on Islam and the notion of the Islamic government with its ‘harshest on the pagan’ which have religious foundations,” Nouri Hamedani stated.



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