Jashak ‘salt dome’, Iran’s wonder

TEHRAN, Apr, 5 (MNA) – Jashak salt dome is located near a village in Dashti region of Bushehr province in Southern Iran.

A salt dome is a type of structural dome formed when a thick bed of evaporite minerals found at depth intrudes vertically into surrounding rock strata, forming a diapir.



Jashak salt dome or Dashti salt dome in the Zagros Mountains, in southwestern Iran is beatwean Deyr County and Dashti County in Bushehr Province.



Jashak salt dome is one of the largest and the most beautiful and typical salt domes in Iran and the Middle East.

The dome with more than eighteen caves, beautiful cascades, and wonderful icicles attracts all visitors.



Salt domes are important in petroleum geology because salt structures are impermeable and can lead to the formation of a stratigraphic trap.


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