Photos: Causalities of Chaharshanbe Soori in Tehran

Nasim–  Chaharshanbe Soori (also known as the Iranian Fire Festival) is one of the oldest, most revered traditions of Iranians. It takes place on the last Wednesday of every Iranian yea and people are supposed to build fires in open spaces and jump over them. However, in recent years the use of firecracker and even mini sonic boom has turned this fun festival to a night of horror, when many are scared and rush home before dawn and others -usually little boys -involved in the ceremony get hurt.The emergency are busy on Chaharshanbe Soori , as the number of fire causalities increases over night; some loses their loved ones, and other lucky ones spend the rest of their lives usually paralyzed. That is why the government insists to control the festival and warns family to watch out their kids.



By Nasim Online