A Kurdish dress to be given to Catherine Ashton as a symbol of peace

A Kurdish dress designer from Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan has said that she will make a Kurdish dress for European Union Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton. It is intended as a gesture of peace and friendship among the nations of the world, particularly between Kurdistan and Europe.

Suzan Sadat Jasebi, the Kurdish designer, said that the Kurdish dress is an important symbol of Kurdish culture in Iran, and therefore an appropriate gift to Ms Ashton, who is leading Western negotiators in the Iranian nuclear talks.

“The Sanandaj governor and Iranian Interior Ministry have decided that in the next round of negotiations between Minister Zarif and Ms Ashton, the Kurdish clothes will be presented to Ms Ashton,” said Ms Jasebi.

Ms Jasebi has established the Kurdish Dress Design Department in Sanandaj Art College to introduce traditional Kurdish dresses to Iran and the wider world.

“Protection of the Kurdish traditional dress is our duty; it is a national asset and must be respected,” she said.

Ms Jasibi also highlighted the importance of cooperation among Kurdish designers from the four parts of Kurdistan to help promote traditional Kurdish dresses in the region’s fashion industry.

By Bas News


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