Iran’s Foreign Exchange Center was launched early in October

Iran’s economy fast growing despite curbs: Religious scholar

Iran’s Foreign Exchange Center was launched early in OctoberIslamabad, March 17, IRNA – A prominent Pakistani religious scholar on Monday said that despite sanctions Iran’s economy is fast growing which sends a positive signal to other countries whose economies are declining.

Talking to IRNA, Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi said that Iran will remain as one of the major economies of the world in coming years.

Managing Director of ‘Such TV’ said that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has wisely said that resistance economy will guarantee the future of Iran.

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with a group of economic activists and government officials.

Naqvi said that Iran is progressing because they are building domestic capacity with maximal

utilization of the country’s resources.

He added that Ayatollah Khamenei is a visionary leader who is providing true guidance to his nation. “The Supreme Leader is fully aware about economic developments and their repercussions on world economies,” noted the scholar.

Patron in chief of Imam Khomeini Trust (IKT) expressing his opinion said that Iran’s resistance economy is a ray of hope for decaying economies of developing states.

The scholar said that US is trying to weaken economies of the other states by different plots. “They want their dollar to dominate the world,” he viewed.

He said that today US wants to develop ties with Iran and western countries are looking towards Iran for help which is the success of Iran’s foreign and economic policies.

Managing Director of ‘Such TV’ said that since the success of the Islamic Revolution Iran has been successfully confronting all economic challenges. He said that founder of the Islamic Revolution had laid the foundation stone of strong Iranian economy and today under the guidance of Ayatollah Khamenei Iran’s economy is fast growing.

Naqvi said that Iran’s policy of self reliance has become a role model for other countries especially the Islamic states. “Today Iran is not dependent on any other country which is a great achievement,” he said.

He said that leaders of Muslim countries must come out of American influence and develop their economies indigenously like Iran. “Muslim rulers must learn something from leadership of Iran,” he stressed.

The analyst said that Iranian leaders have not accepted the western hegemony and this is why the Islamic Republic is progressing at a fast pace in all sectors.



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