Zarif details Iran’s efforts to release border guards, diplomat

TEHRAN, March 16 (MNA) – Iran’s FM has provided the details of the ministry’s efforts to release 5 border guards and a diplomat.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, who was talking to reporters in a joint press conference with Belarusian counterpart today in Tehran provided comments on the state of affairs about the attempts to release abducted border guards by Pakistan terrorist group Jaysh al-Adl and a diplomat also abducted by tribal fighters in Yemen.

The minister expressed hope that “these abducted soldiers and a diplomat are released by good offices and diplomatic attempts.”

“The Foreign Ministry has important priority the issue of hostages and the diplomat as well according to official duty and as humanitarian concerns,” told Zarif to reporters.“ I would tell the dear families of abducted soldiers that we feel sympathy with these soldiers’ families who had been abducted during serving the country and during their selfless and sacred duty of protecting the borders of the motherland,” expressed Zarif, and assured these families that the ministry would spare no attempt to release these soldiers.

Zarif told also that the ministry had extensively searched different venues to address the issue and that Pakistani and Yemeni sides also worked to address the issue. “I hope that these countries cooperate in returning these soldiers back to their families. The terrorism would benefit no country in the region. We expect Yemen and Pakistan to give guarantee on the health of these abducted guards and diplomat,” Zarif added.

Asked about Iran and Powers nuclear talks to be held in Vienna on Tuesday, Zarif told that it was natural to have a ‘tough,’ ‘detailed,’ and ‘exact’ negotiations. “We do not expect to hammer out a final agreement in this round, and would not see any necessity for the foreign ministers of Powers to attend,” he said, and that “ we agreed in some points, being among them enrichment and Arak heavy water complex; we also will discuss Powers commitments according to NPT, and removal of sanctions.”

Zarif also said that “as in previous rounds, Mrs. Ashton and I will preside over the negotiations. But the main negotiators will be political deputies of Powers and my own deputy.”

By Mehr News Agency


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