Syrian army advances 2 km in Yabroud, reaches its roundabout

TEHRAN (FNA)- Army units made significant progress in its operation in the city of Yabroud in al-Qaalamoun area, Damascus Countryside, carrying out a series of swift special operations which resulted in killing a number of terrorists, mostly from al-Nusra Front, and in destroying their weapons and equipment.

SANA’s correspondent on the ground said on Saturday that the army advanced 2 kilometers into the center of the city after it tightened control over the Southern and Eastern heights and St. Maroun Mountain and the mounds surrounding the city, with this being carried out via a series of special operation carried out in tandem from three directions: North from al-Sahl town, East from Rima farms, and South from al-Aqaba hills.

The correspondent said that army units established control of several blocks of buildings before reaching Yabroud roundabout in the center of the city, killing a number of militants, injuring others, and destroying their hideouts, weapons and equipment.

She added that the operations resulted in cutting off the terrorists supply routes which used to provide them with ammo and personnel from the town of Ersal on the Lebanese borders, causing a strong dent in the terrorists morale, prompting some of them to retreat and hide while others fled towards certain doom in the direction of Rankous town.

These quick developments on the ground come after less than 24 hours of seizing control of the Eastern entrance and the Northern and Eastern borders of the city, carried out in a series of successful special operations over the past days.

Early this month, the army took control of al-Sahl town to the North of Yabroud, the town and farms of Rima and the Eastern hills overlooking Yabroud, including al-Aqabeh area and al-Qatri compound and hill.

With these advances, the army has almost encircled the city of Yabroud especially after many of the takfiri terrorist organizations’ dens and fortifications have collapsed in front of the army’s severe strikes.

By Fars News Agency


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