New title introduces Iran’s heritage in UNESCO

IBNA: ‘Introduction to Spiritual Heritage’ by Mohammad Ali Peyvand has recently been published in the Iranian book market which focuses on Iran’s spiritual heritage registered in the UNESCO like Nowruz.

The book is arrange in five chapters entailing topics like Iranian folklores, dramatic arts, religion and customs, and Iranian traditions registered in the UNESCO.

The work begins with a brief history of formation of the UNESCO; its formation goals, activities, major world events and the names of the cultural and spiritual heritages that it has registered. What the Iranian national UNESCO commission does in Iran and the related topics are discussed at the beginning of the book.

Iranian folklore, its major features, demographic studies and oral heritage in Iran are some of the main topics that are discussed in other parts of the book. Furthermore, narration, lullabies and storytelling in Persian and other Iranian languages are included in the work.

The book names ten Iranian spiritual heritages which have been registered in the UNESCO which include Nowruz, Iranian music, carpet weaving and heroic myths.

It is arranged in 120 pages and has been published by Aroun Publications in Iran.



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