Majlis deputy proposes 3-item solution to Syria crisis

Tehran, March 12, IRNA – Member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Nozar Shafie on Wednesday proposed a trio solution to Syria crisis, including formation of contact group by the pro-Syria states, closing Syria borders and overseeing Syria elections.

Shafie told the first meeting of the heads of foreign policy commissions of parliaments of pro-Syria states, “We are speaking about an issue on which we believe; and our guideline is democratic in nature because we want Syrians to decide themselves; so we speak of opposition with terrorism, calling for democratic transition of power.”

He added, “We believe in non-intervention of the international forces in Syria, while speaking of issues accepted by the world public opinion.”

He added that those present in the meeting should build contacts with their counterparts in other countries because many countries could have taken part in the meeting but they didnˈt.

“We expect that with presentation of a proposal to the Security Council, the borders of the countries sharing common borders with Syria would be announced closed so that arms and related equipment shipment to Syria will be prevented.”



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