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Netanyahu’s missile claim on Iran a joke: Pundit

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent finger-pointing at Tehran over the alleged seizure of what he calls Iranian rockets sounds more like a “joke,” says an analyst.

“Comedians say that the art of telling jokes relies on ‘timing.’ Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the world’s top comic politician, seemed to be proving the point with his ‘timely’ claims about seizing Iranian rockets aboard a cargo ship in the Red Sea,” wrote Finian Cunningham in a piece published on Press TV’s website.

The Israeli prime minister hit out at the West for engaging with Iran while accusing Tehran yet again of supporting terrorism, Cunningham added.
The analyst further underlined that Netanyahu’s comments bore all the hallmarks of his speech at the UN.

“Netanyahu’s corny sensationalist manner, standing in front of the green-colored rockets, was reminiscent of his previous presentation to the United Nations using a cartoon bomb in which he claimed then that Iran was ‘only months away from building a nuclear weapon’.”

The pundit further underlined that “Netanyahu’s record of failure over the past 20 years in predicting ‘imminent’ Iranian nuclear arms capability makes him a laughing stock.”

Elsewhere in his article, the analyst stated that people in the West are sick and tired of all the baseless allegations leveled against Iran.

“In recent years, the Western public has been fed with tall tales of Iranian plots to assassinate diplomats in Washington, and involvement in bombings or attempted bombings in Argentina, Thailand, India, Georgia, Bulgaria and Kenya. Tellingly, none of these stories – always initially reported with ubiquitous fanfare in the Western media – are ever followed up or substantiated,” the analyst emphasized.

Certain Western states as well as the Tel Aviv regime have time and again pressed unfounded charges against Iran, namely making efforts to develop nukes and supporting terrorism, accusations that Iran vehemently denies.

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