Iranˈs 29th Flottila berths at Omanˈs Salalah port

Tehran, March 11, IRNA – The Navyˈs 29th Flotilla berthed at Salalah port, Oman after 48 hours of voyage.

ˈThis flotilla succeeded to travel over 4,919 nautical miles, escorting 52 oil tankers and 48 trade vessels and 195 ships of other countries in open seas,ˈ Commander of the 29th Flotilla First Captain Afshin Tashek said.

He noted that the Navyˈs 29th Flotilla has so far successfully foiled two cases of piracy while conducting the mission.

Captain Tashek pointed to accompaniment of students of Imam Khomeini Naval Sciences University with the 29th Flotilla, and said, ˈIn line with upholding the educational level of the university students, several programs, including leaving the warship, survival at the sea, towing and exchanges will be implement.ˈ



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