President urges Govˈt-Majlis cooperation for national progress

Tehran, March 10, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the government and Majlis should have more extensive cooperation to expedite the countryˈs progress.

ˈToday, the government and Majlis should have extensive cooperation and interaction to guarantee further development and progress of the country, the system and the revolution,ˈ President Rouhani told a group of Majlis deputies on Monday.

He said Government of Prudence and Hope has been facing enormous problems since its formation. However, it has succeeded in fully settling some of them and in other cases efforts are underway to solve them.

Noting that national economy was facing recession and inflation, the President said under present conditions, the government attaches great importance to removal of economic problems because peopleˈs living conditions depend on it.

He said the government has managed to cut inflation by 22 percent this year. ˈThese are big achievements in the field of economy,ˈ he announced.

Monthly inflation rate was less than 0.04 percent, something completely unprecedented, he added.



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