Tehran succeeds in deceasing Iranophobia: Dy FM

Kerman, March 10, IRNA – Iranˈs diplomatic moves have served to decrease Iranophobia in the world, Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Hassan Ghashghavi said.


He made the remarks in a meeting with local officials in Kerman province.

ˈTehran has achieved its goal of neutralizing enemy propaganda machines which seized every opportunity to spread Iranophobia globally.ˈ

Ghashghavi noted that according to US official polling and public opinion institutions, Iranophobia has decreased from 37 percent to 16.

ˈPresence of various diplomatic delegations from around the world in Iran is not comparable to the past.ˈ

He underlined that Iran was trying to secure the release of five Iranian borderguards abducted by terrorists in early February.

ˈForeign Ministry did its best to release 800 Iranian prisoners from 30 countries around the world last year.ˈ



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