Petition to free Iranian abducted soldiers

TEHRAN, March 10 (MNA) – Tehran Peace Museum has issued an online petition in support of five Iranian kiddnapped border guards.

On February 6, 2014, five Iranian border guards were kidnapped by a terrorist group called Jeish Al-Adl in Iran-Pakistan borders. Despite Iranian officials efforts and Pakistani officials promise to help release the, no news has been revealed about the abducted border guards yet.

An online petition has been issued in support of the abducted soldiers and signed by large number of artists, scholars, athletes, journalist and activists which is still open for more signatures by all people from around the world.

The petition reads as follow:

“Free our Soldiers: Petition in Support of 5 Abducted Iranian Border Guards

We ask all responsible authorities in the world, the UN and our neighbor country, Pakistan to do their best as a humanitarian action so that the 5 innocent abducted Soldiers would come back home safe.”

Signed by:

More than 250 Famous Iranian artists, authors , Scholars , Journalists, Athletes.

By Mehr News Agency


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  1. Cryus

    These Fascist Sunni terrorist criminals must be bombed and wiped out from the face of the earth and Saudi criminal terror raising regime must be overthrown and their corrupt womanizing kings must be beheaded for their support of Wahabi Salafi Takfiri terror gangs all over Middle East.

  2. Ali

    The government and people of Pakistan are the most disgraceful, dishonest and shameless in the world; Did you remember a few years ago when there was heavy flooding in Pakistan, at that time , the most financial aid came from Iran ( about 2 billion $) but the unkind and cruel people in Pakistan abducted five Iranian soldiers and they are killing them one by one.
    Iranian people got a good lesson from this, they’ll never send financial help to Pakistan and they’ll never byu pakistan products.