Pakistani lawmaker praises Iranian policies

Islamabad, March 10, IRNA – A Pakistani lawmaker has said that Iran is a peaceful country and the only Muslim state that has been pursuing independent policies.

Talking to IRNA, Senator Abdul Nabi Bangash of Awami National Party (ANP) said that Iran is surviving with dignity in the world because the country has not yielded to western pressures.

He strongly believed that Iran holds an important position in the region and the world, stressing that Iran is playing a vital role in consolidating solidarity among Muslims but the US and its allies are hatching conspiracies to divide the Muslim Ummah.

Praising Iranˈs approach towards western pressures, he said Iran is a true democratic state in the Middle East.

Bangash noted that it is the success of the Iranian diplomacy that majority of the world states are standing with the Islamic Republic, stressing the US would not be able to accomplish its evil designs against Iran.

The Senator added that Muslims have to shun their differences and unite against a common enemy, regretting that western conspiracies will continue against the world of Islam.

He added that Iran is the only Muslim country which is raising a strong voice for the oppressed nation of Palestine against the Zionist aggression.

He urged Muslim countries to form a united block like European Union, adding that Arab rulers must realize that US and Zionist regime cannot be their friends.

Although Zionists comprise only five percent of the US population, they are controlling the American economy and media, he said, underlining the need for vigilance of Muslims against Zionists’ plots.

The Senator said that presence of foreign troops in the region is destabilizing the area, adding that the regional countries are fully capable of resolving their own problems without any external help.



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