Iran builds gas generator to lessen car pollution

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers at Islamic Azad University have designed HHO gas generator to reduce cars pollution and fuel consumption.

“The generator has taken one year to be manufactured,” said Nader Azizi, the author of the study.

The device uses the electric power of the battery, and starts hydrolyze operations. It then injects hydrogen and oxygen to the air entrance path through filter and send them to the engine for combustion.

The fuel drop made up of many hydrocarbon molecules is then changed to tinier particles. All particles are burned in the combustion process and changed to power. The hydrogen surrounds the fuel drops and cut them into tinier particles.

The Iranian researcher noted that the HHO can be applied in all vehicles to reduce their fuel consumption by 20 percent and boost their power. Furthermore, the NOx taken out of the exhaust is reduced by 50 percent.

The output hydrogen is no more stored in the car as dangerous full cell and is fully consumed, reducing engine temperature to 10 C degree in conditioning systems and increases lubrication duration.

The idea of creating HHO is a global one, he said, adding all parts required for the device are available in Iran and there is no need to change the cars’ engine. The device can be installed on all gas-fueled, gasoil-fueled and petrol-fueled cars.



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