Venezuela’s president planning to visit Iran on ties

TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro underlined the vital importance of expanding relations with Iran, and said he has a plan to visit Iran next month.

During a meeting with Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi in Caracas on Saturday, Maduro lauded Iran’s remarkable achievements despite the pressure being exerted by the United States.

The Venezuelan president went on to say that he would visit Iran next month, stressing that Venezuela-Iran relations are permanent and the US cannot cause a rift in “the strong camp of the revolutionaries”.

Maduro added that Washington is seeking to put an end to the anti-imperialism movement in his South American country by inciting unrest and conspiracies, though to no avail.

Boroujerdi, for his part, said Iran’s parliament fully supports the enhancement of Tehran-Caracas ties.

The senior Iranian legislator further pointed to the brotherly relations between Iran and Venezuela, urging revolutionary countries to form a unified front against the United States.

Boroujerdi also described late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a respected Latin American figure.

Iran has in recent years expanded friendly ties with Latin America, specially in economic, trade and industrial fields.

Iran’s strong and rapidly growing ties with Latin America, specially with Venezuela, have raised eyebrows in the US and its western allies since Tehran and Latin nations have forged an alliance against the imperialist and colonialist powers and are striving hard to reinvigorate their relations with the other independent countries which pursue a line of policy independent from the US.

By Fars News Agency


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