Enemy more sensitive to ‘Natanz Active Defense System’

TEHRAN, March 8 (MNA) – Iran’s minister of intelligence has said the enemies are more sensitive to country’s active defense systems.

Hojjatuleslam Seyed Mahmoud Alavi, who was addressing a meeting of heads of passive defense committees, ministries, organizations, and provincial governorates in the Ministry of Interior conference hall today morning, said that Iran should convert all active defense systems to passive systems. “As such, the enemy would feel these centers out of its access; but even if we cover our nuclear sites with several layers of active defense systems, yet the enemy would have some hope to infiltrate these layers,” added the minister.

Alavi then gave an example of his claim. “The enemy is more sensitive to Natanz system than to Fordow defense system, since Fordow is a passive defense system,” he asserted, believing that the modern war was a war of ethics. “As the Leader believes in his seminary lectures, the diplomacy is a war front, and thus we are licensed to resort to tricks in diplomacy,” Alavi said.

He also pointed to the enemies’ propaganda industry against Iran. “When the enemy tries to have a dialogue with you, you should keep alert to use the tricks when necessary, since the enemy would not abandon you but fashion new ruses,” Alavi believed.

He held that West’s culture would be challenged. “We are capable enough to throw down the gauntlet to Western culture, and should not concede which would be a sign of incapability,” said the minister.

Alavi assessed the active defense system in culture as a defense of Revolutionary principles and ideals. “In using active defense system in culture, we should improve the public understanding of the enemies’ tricks and to protect themselves from the lurking threats of the enemies,” he said.

By Mehr News Agency


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