Israelˈs recent claims amateurish, mere lies: Afkham

Tehran, March 7, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkahm on Friday reacted to the Zionist regimeˈs recent claims against Iran by describing them as ˈamateurish, vague and mere lies which can only be made by sick minds.ˈ


According to a report by Foreign Ministryˈs Media Diplomacy Department, Afkham said the claims and extensive anti-Iran propaganda were made while the Zionist regimeˈs prime minister was in Washington to attend the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Afkham said the main objective behind the AIPAC gathering was ˈto mislead the world public opinion from major developments running in the Middle East and to draw global attention towards fabricated problems.ˈ

ˈIn an aborted attempt during its last yearˈs gathering, the same lobby had tried to impose its policies on the US Congress and its nation and had openly opposed to holding any diplomatic talks with Iran.

ˈAfter its failure to prevent nuclear dialogue with Iran, the Zionist lobby has now clearly announced that it is to destroy the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the West,ˈ said the spokeswoman.

She urged the US administration to try to find a ˈreal solution to the sufferings of the Palestinians through puting an end to warmongering and state terrorism as well as puting an end to the inhumane acts made against the oppressed people of Palestine.ˈ

Afkham also urged the US administration ˈto stop taking into consideration the fabrications constantly made by the Zionist regimeˈs propaganda machine and stop accompanying the Zionists in accusing Iran and using non-diplomatic rhetorics against the country as well as shifting the blame for the Middle East problems on others.ˈ



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