SNSC secretary: Iran ready to expand cooperation with SCO

Tehran, Feb 26m IRNA – Secretary of Supreme National Security Ali Shamkhani on Wednesday conferred with Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Dimitry Mezentsev on Wednesday. 

During the meeting, Shamkhani underlined the need to take advantage of regional capacities in line with promoting security and economic prosperity and enhancing strategic bonds.

He said that that SCO with valuable capabilities can take effective steps to solve trans-regional and global challenges, in addition to settling regional issues.

Voicing Iran’s readiness to expand cordial cooperation with SCO, Shamkhani noted that member states should have deep and strategic interaction in fighting terrorism, production and smuggling of narcotics and opposing presence of trans-regional forces in the region.

Referring to the end of Cold War and collapse of bipolar system in the world, Shamkhani said that today is the era of returning to indigenous capabilities. Therefore, regional institutes can play a crucial role in guiding member states’ power and strengthening their national might.

Shamkhani underlined Iran’s political resolve to pursue the strategy of dialogue in nuclear case, saying that some unwise statements and deeds by elements opposed to the stability of the region were obstructing efforts to find a comprehensive solution.

Resistance, seeking independence and reliance on national power and capacities constitute Iran’s strategic pattern in the face of security threats and challenges, the official said.

SCO secretary general, Mezentsev, for his part, referred to Iranˈs constructive interaction in nuclear case and said that the success achieved in the field is the outcome of Iranian officials’ prudence, vigilance and independence.

He also invited Iran to promote its cooperation in SCO’s expert and executive processes, saying that political and security developments in the region in the past years revealed that sustainable security will be materialized only through regional collaboration.

Presence of alien forces in the region under the pretext of providing security will lead to further insecurity in the region, he said.



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