Rouhani policy open gate for all Iranian expatriates, official

Tehran, Feb 26, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for consular, Iranian expatriates and parliamentary affairs Hassan Qashqavi said the policy of the government of President Hassan Rouhani is an open gate for all Iranians living abroad.

He said the President is insisting that doors should be opened to the Iranian nationals living abroad so that they can be encouraged to visit the country.

He stressed that he is also determined to firmly follow up the policy.

Noting that about 5 million Iranians are living in foreign countries, he said that the figure is not exact because there is no precise mechanism to work out the exact number.

Qashqavi said up to 96 percent of the Iranian expatriates are registered with the countryˈs embassies worldwide, with about 70 percent of them having regular visits to the country.

He said only about 30 percent of the Iranians living abroad have failed to file with the Iranian consular offices because of unfounded reasons, adding that now an email address is available for such people to encourage them to do so.

Saying that the number of Iranians affiliated to opposition groups account only for 3-4 percent of the total population, he stressed that the majority of the Iranians abroad are interested in the countryˈs development and welfare and help to achieve the goal.

He further pointed to the good health of the five Iranian border guards abducted by terrorist groups and taken into Pakistan and announced that necessary measures are underway to help release them.



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