US intelligence compromised with Israel: Analyst

A political analyst says Germany’s recent decision to take counter-espionage measures could set a precedent for other countries, stressing all American intelligence is now compromised with Israel.

“The United States has been compromised and there is a succession of presidents who have to have known this to be the case. It apparently originated with George Herbert Walker Bush, but was obviously therefore been known to Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and to Barack Obama,” James Fetzer, Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota Duluth, told Press TV on Tuesday.

He added that these presidents, their vice presidents and their military chiefs should be held accountable for making such a compromise which “is the greatest act of treasons in the history” of the American nation.

“This puts the whole [Edward] Snowden episode into an entirely different light, because they have been lambasting him for revealing the NSA [National Security Agency] surveillance program, but what they are not themselves disclosing is that all American intelligence is now compromised with Israel,” the commentator added.

He argued that the ongoing situation is catastrophic and proposed foreign countries to undertake an immediate cessation of any intelligence-sharing with the United States.

“If the United States has it, Israel has it, and that means that every other nation cooperating with the US has its intelligence resources at the disposal of Israel, which is only going to use them and exploit them for the benefit of that nation itself,” Fetzer pointed out.

He noted that under the current circumstances, no nation can any longer have any confidence in the security of its country’s intelligence shared with the United States.

According to reports, Germany is planning to take counter-espionage measures against allied countries, including the US and Britain, in response to revelations about widespread US spying.

On Sunday, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is considering deploying its own agents to monitor Western secret services and embassies on the country’s soil.

By Press TV


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