A ˈcalculated decisionˈ on house arrestsˈ issue

Vienna, Feb 18, IRNA – Keeping the competitors of ˈMahmoud Ahmadinejadˈ cooped up for long years, even during the Prudence and Hope government, would be disgusting for the people and a majority of them, while diluting and weakening the created hopes for the people. 

ˈHassan Fatehiˈ in ˈMellat Onlineˈ writes: Parliament Speaker Dr. Ali Larijani, in his press conference in response to a reporter who had asked about the house arrests, gave a well-calculated response, which should be a lesson first of all for the extremist, totalitarian, illogical figures.

They should learn from him and stop defaming the believers with their accusations and impolite literature, and secondly, some officials of our dear country, too, should rather than sticking to the useless clubs of calling them ˈsedition headsˈ, which they repeat each time, spreading waves of pessimism against the system, had better switch to an appropriate and popular literature, like that of Ali Larijani.

Mr. Larijani said, ˈThis matter should be pursued through the channel that it has been followed thus far, and the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) should consider various viewpoints and the countryˈs conditions and consider every related aspect before making a calculated decision.ˈ

If we would focus on the psychological aspects of that sentence, we would realize at first how expert the man who uttered it is, and this means if only the irrational extremists who with their hooligan literature have imposed so much expense against the system and the people would not have done so, the eight year sorrowful losses against the nation due to their accusations and their crisis generation would not have occurred.

The next point is that Larijani, as a weathered politician, on the contrary of the illogical extremists, has not resorted to the repetitious hue and cry approach of lying logic aimed at seeking escape goats from the problems, sufficed in uttering the short sentence of ˈa calculated decisionˈ.

And the last point worth mentioning regarding the psychology of that sentence is that the personality of the person that uttered that sentence differs with the substance of the extremists both existentially and structurally. Mr. Larijani does not like some deviated minds say that ˈthe heads of sedition are such and such…ˈ but rather, with his high political experience he focus on the time factor and refers to ˈvarious viewpointsˈ. And such conditions can lead to the interrogations, or crisis management of the heads of crisis, tension, and discord at the SNSC, too, where the roles of the extremists in creation of the 2009 predicament and defaming the systemˈs top personalities can be surveyed.

Now based on the above prelude, the question is which is the ˈcalculated decisionˈ on lifting the house arrest of those who criticized Ahmadnejad, and in other words, his election competitors?

A) One of the proper approaches would be to interrogate both sides of the dispute and to analyze the roles and the faults in the political behaviors of both sides, and eventually to adopt the ˈcalculated decisionˈ, which according to the public expectations, in this approach making up for the unjust behavior against one side will be on the one hand, and punishing and probably imprisonment of the other side on the other hand will be expected.

Keeping the competitors of Ahmadinejad cooped up for long years, and even during the tenure of the Hope and Prudence government, will be disgusting for the people and for a majority of them, while diluting and weakening the emerged hopes for the people.

In this approach we should not only lift the house arrests, but also should move towards setting the foundations of a fully sustainable security in our society, reviving those articles in the IRI Constitution that recognize the right to criticize and to participate in protest rallies, and introduce an ultra-factional system in which the rights of every citizen are safeguarded, even under the crisis conditions.

Secondly, by surveying the unbiased field reports and heeding the public opinion, we can present a comprehensive report to the heads of the system about the causes that provided for the crisis and those that surfaced during it. In that report the roles of the ultra-factional foundations that have not abided by the rules of the game and trampled upon their ultra-factional roles and acted among the causes for the 2009 events, can be defined relying on more authentic and scientific data, so that God willing, we would be able to prevent the interference of the masked opportunists in crisis building.

B) A second approach can be adopting of a just, fair, and of course religiously approved strategy, and creating an atmosphere in which those who were negatively labeled and baselessly accused by a certain faction (whose entity is fortunately well known for the people), the competitors of Ahmadinejad, will be provided an opportunity to reply in one or more live TV programs to the unilateral accusations of Ahmadinejadˈs faction logically and ethically. Of course based on the knowledge we have about the competitors of Ahmadinejad, they would definitely not permit themselves to enter the realm of unethical, or resort to the ˈshould I say it, should I say itˈ method. But in order to be on the safe side, they can also be reminded that the provided atmosphere is for logical response that would both convince the people, and please God, and nothing more, or less.

Although this approach can face the rioting and hue and cry of the extremists once again and they would take hostage the whole atmosphere to create another tense condition, but its use will be, firstly, wrapping up the business of the shopkeepers of sedition for years, and ridding the system and the people of their strain and discord means, and secondly, the people who have been belittled, humiliated, and their national and Islamic pride has been damaged due to the selfishness of a certain faction, which has resemblance of the regional Takfiri trends, too, will be healed and mended, and that would add to the popular backing of the system.

C) The third approach would be the systemˈs lenience and tolerance towards both sides, because of the services that they both have offered to the system, and treat them both with Islamic kindness and forgiveness. This approach, of course, will due to the unilateral atmosphere that has been created due to propagations, face a certain amount of resistance, but if the critics of Ahmadinejad would be dealt with amicably, this approach, too, would be worth surveying.

To make short a long story, a ˈcalculated decisionˈ would be refraining from adopting unilateral approaches and strategies, surveying the roles of the national media (of Mr. Zarqami) and the other supposedly ultra-factional foundations that at times have really acted opportunistically, and eventually, for the sake of the system and Islamˈs interests, to deal with the oppressed amicably, and be brave enough to ask them to be pardoned.

Any just and religious person who would sit with some of the managers of Ahmadinejad even one session would realize how strictly opportunist they are, and this means since Ahmadinejadˈs approach paralyzed the country for eight whole years, we should not make the system pay even more expenses, and of course this is the viewpoint of a citizen of the Islamic society, as otherwise the expediencies of the system are best realized in other circles, which know best, or should we say, sometime due to selfishness do not know so well the expediencies, and cause trouble for themselves and the society.



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