Iran says may send forces into Pakistan territory

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Tehran’s interior minister has warned Pakistan that Iranian forces may enter Pakistani and Afghan territory to released border guards seized by a rebel group.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli’s remarks on state TV come a week after the little-known Jaish al-Adl posted photos on Twitter of five men it claims are border guards it seized near Pakistan.

He said Iran had asked Pakistan to treat the case “strongly and seriously” or allow Iran to secure the remote region “deep on Afghanistan and Pakistan soil.”

“Otherwise we do consider it our own right to intervene and create a new security sphere for our safety,” he said.

By The Associated Press


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  1. john hopkins

    Iran and Pakistan recently signed a gas pipeline deal which has angered many … This kidnapping clearly has its roots in ‘other arab country’ and its western allies . I think Iran and Pakistan can keep this incident out of the mainstream media and can very quietly deal with this issue and eliminate it and not let this affect their newly strengthened economic geo political friendship .

  2. Babar Ali

    @John Hopkins

    i am 100% agree with you on that thing
    Pakistan and Iran Gas Pipeline has Angered many Enemies Countries
    Both Govt Should Take Solid Actions Against Terrorist Parties.