Analysts: World powers no more after dismantling Iran’s enrichment facilities

TEHRAN (FNA)- Western officials seem to have given up the idea of destroying the most sensitive aspect of Iran’s nuclear energy program, enrichment of uranium, western analysts said.

Justyna Pawlak and Fredrik Dahl in a joint article for Reuters wrote that while there remains a lot of issues in the face of Iran and the world powers to focus on in their future nuclear talks, the Westerners seem to be convinced that they can’t force Iranian officials to destroy the program completely.

“Western governments appear to have given up on the idea, enshrined in a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions since 2006, that Iran should suspend the most controversial aspect of its program, enrichment of uranium,” the writers said.

They added that western diplomats have privately acknowledged that Iran’s nuclear program is now too far advanced for Tehran to agree to dismantle it completely.

The article said now the West is only seeking to make sure that Iran is not after making atomic bombs, adding that talks for a final agreement between Iran and the six world powers will focus on this main concern.

“If successful, the negotiations could put to rest a decade of hostility between the West and the Islamic Republic, and head off the danger of a new war in the Middle East,” the writers said.

Also in recent remarks, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi lauded the country’s remarkable progress in nuclear technology, and once again stressed that the Iranian nation would not give up even an iota of its nuclear rights.

“Not only do we have the right to nuclear energy but any entitlement which has been defined for us by international regulations is (also) our absolute right,” Salehi said.

“We will never give up our rights,” the AEOI head went on to add.

He said the conditions are currently “very favorable” for Iran’s nuclear negotiations partners to show goodwill and restore the confidence that was lost over the past 35 years.

By Fars News Agency 


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