Sunni group offers to exchange abducted guards for prisoners

The Jeysh-ol-adl organization has issued a statement calling for the release of 300 Sunni prisoners in exchange for the release of five Iranian border officers who were abducted by the group last week.

The organization’s statement calls for the release of 50 of its members as well as 200 other Sunnis being held in Iranian prisons. The group also demands the release of 50 Sunni women whom it alleges are being held by Revolutionary Guards members in Syria.

The head of Iranian Parliament’s National Security Commission declared that Jeysh-ol-adl is a terrorist group and, as such, there can be no negotiations with it. “We only deal with the Pakistani government,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi said; “If there is any need for negotiating, the Pakistani government will have to decide on it.” The abducted officers are said to have been taken into Pakistan.

By Radio Zamaneh


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