Seddiqi: US statesmen permanently pursuing antagonism against Iranians

Tehran, Feb 14, IRNA – Despite claims of not being after regime change in Iran, US statesmen are liars as Qur’an tells us, as they keep pursuing antagonist policies against Iranian nation, seeking either to annihilate, or to urge them to abandon their faith, said Friday prayers imam of Tehran.

“The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution’s emphasis on need for heeding and relying on the local capabilities, especially the potentials of our youth, guides us not to attach all our hopes to the lifting of the sanctions and the foreigners’ assistance, because those will not be sufficient for us,” Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi said, addressing hundreds of Tehrani worshipers.

Stressing that the nuclear negotiations are confirmed, and Iran is not after waging wars against any country, he said that all the same, the Iranians are ready for punching severely on the mouths of those who speaker nonsense against them.

The Friday prayers imam said that the hallucination that the Iranian nation yielded to negotiations under the pressure of the sanctions is, but a baseless dream, because the Iranian nation will under no circumstances retreat from its natural rights for achieving which they have paid dearly, and the world and the negotiators, too, had better know that the great Iranian nation will not compromise over their rights in order to fill their stomachs, or due to economic problems even the slightest bit.

“The nobility of some Iranians and the propagations of some friends of the West have hand in hand made the enemy make mistakes and urged them to get impolite, or to assume that the Iranian nation is after accepting alms from the Americans,” he reiterated.

The provisional Friday prayers leader of Tehran said that the United States, as everyone knows, has looted the wealth of many countries around the globe. “They are a wild, blood thirsty, lawless entity, feeding itself from the money of the Iranian (and other nations), governing their straw, seized system on stolen properties.”

He said that the epical presence of the Iranians throughout the past 35 years in rallies marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which has always been increasing breaks the back of the enemies, and strengthens the revolution, which is as fresh, idealist and vigorous as it was 35 years ago.

“Some people have assumed that these people have become nonchalant about their religion, about the essence of their beleifs, and forgotten about the contradiction in their ideals with the United States’ objectives and its enmity against the Iranians, but they are either ignorant, or pursuing other objectives,” he said.

Seddiqi said that some people, too, have assumed that advancement and independence cannot go together, which is a big mistake, as our system is a successful experience, proving that a country can both chant the Neither East Nor West slogan, and achieve great advancements in various fields.

He referred to Iran’s progress in launching satellites, medical advancements, and other scientific and technological achievements, saying, “The secret for advancements of the Islamic Republic is resistance.”

Seddiqi at the end commemorated the anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini’s historical decree on execution of Salman Rushdie, saying, “That decree too, is a golden page in the prestigious life of that beloved imam.”



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