General: Syria victim of US tactics in fighting against terrorism

A militant is seen clashing with Syrian government forces in the Salaheddin neighborhood of Syria’s Aleppo on December 11, 2013.

Mashad, Feb 14, IRNA – Substitute commander of Quds Corps of IRGC said that Syria became victim of the US new tactics in fighting against terrorism and for dominance on Iran and looting resources of the Middle East.

Brigadier General Esmaeil Qaˈani said here on Thursday that Iran has no interference in Syrian issues.

He said that the US, which could not get any results from its ex-tactics in the Middle East by inflaming wars, threats and sanctions, proposed a term dubbed as ˈterrorismˈ and by accusing countries for supporting terrorism justified its invasion against them.

The general continued that terrorism from military viewpoint has two meanings; first it means war without border, which current situation in Syria comes from this approach.

The second meaning of terrorism is to organize groups with deviated thought to disrupt religious beliefs and formation of Takfiri, Vahabi and Salafi radical groups is to hurt Islam.

Since the beginning of developments in Syria, Iran had clearly said that the Syrian problem should be settled between its government and people by themselves.

Qaˈani stressed that during eight years of imposed war, Iran did not receive any assistance from other countries and it was in that period that Hezbollah was founded in Lebanon.

He added that after September 11 event, the US government called al-Qaeda as the main perpetrator of the incident and started wars and killing innocent people in Afghanistan for 13 years.

The general said that the issue of security for the Zionist regime is the main mission of all the US presidents, but the regime, in spite of all US support, in 33-day war with Lebanon and 8-day war with Palestinian in Gaza was defeated.

The Zionist regime considers Iranˈs support as its main reason for failure and accuse Iran of interfering in domestic affairs of other countries.

The US government which had experience of failure in its two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did not repeat its mistake in Syria and turned Syria into a concentration camp of terrorists with the help of Al Qaeda.



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