Venezuelan President felicitates Iranians on Islamic Revolution anniversary

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a message congratulated the Iranian nation and government on the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory.

In his message, Maduro described the Islamic Revolution as a model to be followed by countries dominated by imperialist powers and said these powers seek to usurp the natural resources of nations who defend their right of self-determination.

Iranians on Tuesday celebrated the 35th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Millions of people of different social strata, carrying flags and banners in support of the Islamic Republic, poured into the streets in nationwide mass rallies to mark the occasion.

The Islamic Revolution victory, seen as the most important milestone in Iran’s recent history, liberated the country from the yoke of the hegemonic powers –with the ousted Shah as their stooge– and established a new political system based upon Islamic values and democracy.

The Iranian nation toppled the West-backed Pahlavi regime 35 years ago, ending 2,500 years of monarchic rule in the country.

Maduro further reiterated his country’s respect for “(our) Iranian brothers whom our great leader Hugo Chavez held in high esteem due to their fight against the hegemony of world powers and their efforts for awakening and raising the awareness of popular forces.”

Elsewhere in his message, Venezuela’s president stressed the resolve of Caracas for enhancing ties with Tehran in different areas and for cooperation to “reach a new international geopolitics that will ensure the emergence of a new multi-polar world (order)”.

In recent years, Iran and Latin American countries, especially Venezuela, have expanded friendly ties in different political, economic, trade and industrial fields.

By Tasnim News Agency


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