US’s Israel lobby burns to the ground

Over the last few days, moves in the United States by the Israel Lobby AIPAC and its “militia,” the ADL or Anti-Defamation League, have proven disastrous for Israel.   AIPAC’s vendetta against the Obama administration, we are now told, wasn’t backed by Tel Aviv.

Without direction from Israel, there is a leadership vacuum in Washington.

Knowledgeable leaders in the US, if such things exist, in order to stave off the bizarre and heinous machinations of the AIPAC/ADL war machine have managed to back themselves into a corner.  Month after month, during successful negotiations with Iran, lauded not only around the world and by America’s key allies but at home as well, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have issued bizarre and even cryptic threats against Iran.

Thus, while trying to assert leadership in the world in critical areas such as the conflict between Japan and China, America looks, at least to many, as having reassumed the suicidal unilateralism of the failed Bush cabal.

The AIPAC/ADL meltdown has destroyed American foreign policy leverage, and increased the likelihood of an apocalypse certain to lead to a collapse of Israel, one likely to begin from within.

Similarly, Abe Foxman, head of the infamous Anti-Defamation League, after losing a decade long head to head battle with military and veterans publications awake to the threat of “Israel first” policies, is now seeking retirement, leaving the public scene while Israel’s position in the US is at the lowest ebb in its history.

The great “schmear-meister” mortally wounded, has chosen to slink away.  We wish him well as we do with so many others who have dedicated themselves to prolonging strife and human suffering.

AIPAC and the second term

The “lobby” had decided to target Secretary of State Kerry after President Obama came out the clear winner in the “staring contest” with Israeli controlled members of congress.

This has been a watershed event.  Like a playground bully bloodied and beaten by someone half his size, AIPAC is licking its wounds, hoping no one noticed.

We wish them good luck with that.

Who would have thought that Obama and Kerry would somehow wake up during the second term as “born again hard?”

Similarly, the ADL’s “swastika” campaign, sending “the faithful” out to decorate synagogues and Jewish centers with Nazi symbols has also been repudiated by Tel Aviv as noted in yesterday’s article in JTA’s This Week in Jewish History entitled “Swastika Loving Jews.”

After months of bribery, blackmail and coercion, more bribery than anything else, AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, has been forced to call for an end against its war against the Obama administration.  AIPAC lost that war when the President announced his intention to veto sanction legislation he characterizes as a “race to war” with Iran and, quite possibly, the rest of the world.

Despite AIPAC’s call for surrender, the GOP, America’s gangster controlled opposition party is plodding on, pushing the ill-considered sanction bill that has burned down Israel’s credibility with all but the most toadying of “assets.”

AIPAC targeting America

AIPAC, the driving force behind the neocon gangsterism behind 9/11 and a decade of oil and drug wars longs for the days of Bush era “unilateralism.”  AIPAC and the ADL, now openly cited for undermining Israel’s complex “game theory” foreign policy, have now clearly shown themselves to be “guns for hire,” willing to work for who or whatever pays them most.

When world organized crime’s goals differ from Israel’s, something that has happened seldom in recent history, AIPAC and the ADL have turned away from Israel.  This split is now public, leading to the announced “retirement” of ADL head, Abe “the Fox” Foxman, whose ominous presence has graced Washington’s “back rooms” for decades.

The “lobby,” working with “assets” in the US, not just paid thugs and smear mongers but espionage organizations and deep-cover terror cells, is tasked with isolating America, not just from NATO and Western Europe, but allies in the Middle East and, in particular, undermining President Obama’s strong working relationship with Russia.

The ascendance of Iran

The hotels of Tehran are filled with oil executives; aerospace companies the “business elite,” flowing in from around the world.  Iran has become another type of “ground zero,” the biggest potential open market for technology rich western economies still reeling from the engineered banking and currency collapses of recent years.

Iran is the new “promised land,” the last great market, a safe and stable investment environment loaded with natural resources, an educated population and with a popularly elected democratic government.

As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu might say, “What isn’t to hate?”

The myth of American partisanship

You see it continually, “Both parties are the same.”  This week, 9 million pounds of beef from one supplier alone has been recalled, supermarket shelves across America filled with high priced beef from the polluted carcasses of diseased cattle slaughtered under conditions of hellishness and filth.

Nuclear power plants spew radiation.  Manufacturers dump heavy metals into the water supply.  Fracking?  This process pours toxic chemicals into the nation’s aquifer, an oil and gas recovery method that will eventually leave entire states a wasteland.

One party works to cut wages, endanger workers, one party aligns itself with the armies of thieves and fraudsters that every American is subjected to, their meager incomes bilked in phony investment schemes, paying for shoddy products or misrepresented services.

Curiously, the is the same group the Israel lobby found to be willing partners, the political party closely aligned, not just with organized crime, gambling, prostitution, child pornography and drug dealing but with Iran sanctions as well.

Without the GOP, the “treason lobby” would be stuck with their minor following in the Democratic Party, the dregs and misfits.

AIPAC and the Nazis

A point worth a short belaboring, as many outside the US find the vagaries of the American political scene indiscernible, involves the issue of “strange bedfellows.”

One thing to be noted about the Tea Party is that the constituencies that elect these knuckle dragging bigots, extremists set on building a theocratic police state, are very much “no Jews allowed.”

Much of America, too much, exalts racism and hatred, still the core of American political divides.

These are the people AIPAC sought to align with, politicians with strong “Christian Nationalist” tendencies.  Christian Nationalist is a nice way of saying “Nazi.”

The grand surprise in Washington, as AIPAC, long the puppet master, issues commands to its minions, also known to some Americans as “congress.”  Low and behold, some members, particularly those of the “Tea Party” persuasion, rubes, petty demagogues, social misfits and malcontents, some actually believed it was all “real.”

What fools?

So, when word came out that Obama was no longer Satan and Iran was no longer planning to exterminate humanity, they didn’t know that reality in Washington changes with the opening of the daily “talking points.”

Another invisible war

The stakes, being as high as they are, threat of world war, the political “soul” of America in the balance, one might think a conflict of this magnitude would be played out on a public state.  Quite the opposite is true.

Few in America see any of this.  Each decade, each year, fewer Americans remain politically aware, fewer live the values so often espoused as “Americanism.”

As with any budding police state, public opinion counts for little.

By Press TV


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