Iranians most politically savvy nation in world: MP

A senior Iranian lawmaker has described the people of Iran as the most politically savvy and lively nation in the world.

The Iranian people analyze and react to political developments, and mock at the US’ ‘all-options-on-the-table’ rhetoric, said Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Majlis Alaeddin Boroujerdi in a televised interview on Wednesday.

He said despite all their saber-rattling against Iran, Americans now talk of reaching an “agreement” with Iran, which shows they have “conceded” to the realities on the ground in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to US aggressive policies across the globe, the Iranian lawmaker further stated that since the World War II, the Americans have demanded judicial immunity anywhere they deployed military forces or built bases, but they failed to do so in Iraq because they couldn’t impose their will on the Iraqi nation.

Boroujerdi also emphasized that Washington has also failed to impose its will on Syrians.

The Americans at first also demanded that Iran must not have the right to enrich uranium, but today they have accepted it, said the top MP.

Further pointing to Iran’s growing capabilities in a variety of fields, including aerospace, nuclear know-how and nanotechnology, the senior legislator added that “the Islamic Republic has turned into a new phenomenon in the political landscape of today’s world.”

By Press TV


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