Iranian president: Constant US threats to attack ‘Rude’

Speaking today on the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, President Hassan Rouhani insisted that the military threats by the US and others are realistically off the table, and that “those delusional people who say the military option is on the table should change their glasses.”

Rouhani, who was elected on a promise of rapprochement and has already brokered a deal with the P5+1 on an interim nuclear deal. He reiterated during the speech that Iran’s civilian program is “forever,” but will never include a military dimension.

Rouhani was particularly critical of the constant threats to attack in his talk, however, saying it was “rude and offensive” of the US to contoinue doing so, and that Iran wasn’t going to be bullied by such behavior.

Being involved in such a high profile speech is a major coup for the recently elected president, and using it to push the nuclear deal, while promising to see an end to international sanctions, likely needles his domestic rivals, hardline factions who, much like many in the US Senate, believe the other side can’t be trusted and oppose a deal in general terms.

By Anti War


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