Ayatollah Khamenei to solve the Bahraini issue is not only with patience and steadfastness

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) –  This statement was made in a meeting took place on February 10th in gathering with a number of delegations from different nationalities including: Bahraini , Yemeni , Hijazi , Turkish , Kashmiri and Iranian , the delegation of Bahrani representative of Al-Wafa party and for a coalition of youth revolution of February 14 ,they have presented their vision of the current revolution of February 14 .

The Supreme Leader Khamenei : ” I ask God’s blessing for you and your steadfastness , equitable , the people of Bahrain have demonstrated that they are strong and wide capacity of thought because they persevered steadfastness despite All were against them ” , he also said : ” Sheikh Issa Qassem, may God protect him real leader and commander of the Bahrain and youth of Bahrain active youth  and we pray for them ”

He stressed in this meeting that the solution to the issue of people Bahrani is patience and steadfastness , where he said: “the solution to your cause can only be done with patience and steadfastness ,” mentions that Mr. Leader Khamenei has issued several statements in support of the revolution of February 14 blessed and between the plaint people Bahrani , who bestowed upon injustice gang Al-Khalifa The Saudi occupier .



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