Special workgroup addresses Lake Urmia saving options

TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (MNA) – Iran’s minister of energy has said special workgroup will start operation to save Lake Urmia with 3 major agendas on Wednesday.

Hamid Chitchian told reporters that the Lake Urmia Workgroup would meet on Wednesday with three main agendas. “The session will also address the implementation of 19 possible options with priority. The financial resources required to support the projects will be decided on the next round of session,” he added.

“Releasing water from dams constructed in Lake Urmia basin and projects to transfer water from other sources are possible and viable options to be addressed,” Chitchian said.

“The economy of water and electricity utilities had been in a vicious circle and eroded any motivation for the private sector to participate in investments,” he believed, “attempts have been made to operate these power plants.

Chitchian also said that the annual investments necessary in water sector was $ 1.6b.

By Mehr News Agency


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