Bidboland gas production reaches 29 Mcm/D

TEHRAN Feb 10 (Shana): Bidboland plant’s gas processing exceeded its nameplate capacity in recent days hitting 29 mcm/d concurrent with cold weather in the country which raised natural gas consumption hugely.

Bidboland gas processing plant deployed all its potentials to maximize processing gas in order to meet gas needs of the country during cold snap so its production exceeded its nominal gas production capacity by 10 percent, managing director of Bidboland gas processing plant told Shana.

He continued that the plant has produced 6.7 billion cubic meters of gas since the beginning of current Iranian calendar year March 21 2013.

Last week, household gas consumption reached record high, 518 mcm/d, prompting NIGC to call on people across the country to slash gas consumption and help the company to provide gas to remote areas.  

Falling gas pressure last week interrupted gas supply temporarily to some cities in Mazandaran and Kordestan provinces in north and west of the country.

NIGC had to reduce gas delivery to power plants to just 12 mcm/d last week in a bid to meet gas needs of residential and commercial sectors, the NIGC’s spokesman said.


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