Iran protests to US against illusive approach toward Iran

Tehran, Feb 8, IRNA – Iran said on Saturday protested to the US against unrealistic and illusive approach toward Iran. 

ˈThey should try to win trust of Iranian public opinion over their hostile approach in the past several decades, the US officials have preferred to insist on their unrealistic and illusive approach towards the Islamic Republic of Iran,ˈ Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said.

She made the remarks in reaction to statement of US Secretary of State John Kerry about Iranˈs peaceful nuclear program.

Afkham said while only a few days remain to the new round of talks, such irresponsible statements would blur the positive atmosphere of Iran-G5+1 talks.

She said that Iran is steadfast on its absolute and principled stance, not backing down on its legitimate rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The spokeswoman said that the US officials must stick to the terminology of nuclear deal rather than speculate their own false perception.

Afkham said that the western businessmen have arranged numerous visits to Iran to develop economic cooperation with Iran.

She called on the US officials to avoid prejudice and unilateralism, and consider the current state of affairs in the international community keen on business with Iran.

She said that the US officials must get rid of the mentality of the past and cope with the 21st century realities and stop hostile efforts against Iranian nation.

Afkham commented on recent US sanctions on Iranian companies and foreign companies being a trade partner to Iran, saying that the US government indicated lack of good faith.

ˈIt shows the reality that the US tries to impose a new negative atmosphere on talks before initiating them.ˈ

Afkham said such a move will fail and will bring reciprocal action by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told CNN that the White House does not abide by terminology of the interim agreement signed in Geneva on November 24.

He said that the White House must stick to the wording of the deal and avoid to use the term of dismantle.

Zarif said there is no single word in the text of the deal about dismantle, but, from the next day of signing the interim deal, Kerry is talking about dismantle of Iranian nuclear program.



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