Expanding US anti-Iranian sanction is against Geneva deal: Russia

Nasim– Moscow slammed the decision of the US Departments of State and Finance to add a number of Iranian and foreign organizations and citizens to its sanction list, stressing that such decisions contradict the spirit of the Geneva agreements reached last November.

“We have said repeatedly that such decisions contradict the spirit of the Geneva agreements, where it is stipulated in particular that Washington refrains from introducing new sanctions related to the nuclear activities of Tehran. We consider the step made to be unacceptable and that it contradicts international law,” Russian Foreign Ministry underlined in a statement.

The US Treasury Department announced Thursday that it added more entries to the blacklist of people and organizations accused of supporting Iran’s nuclear program.

“We also utterly resent any attempts to project the US domestic legislation on third countries and to use sanctions against companies and private individuals of states fulfilling diligently the demands of the UN Security Council resolutions on the Iranian topic,” the Foreign Ministry added.

By Nasim Online


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