Rouhani lashes out against ‘illiterate’ critics of nuclear deal

At a meeting today with the presidents of Iran’s universities, President Hassan Rouhani lamented that only “illiterate” critics of the Geneva nuclear deal speak out while others, such as university professors, support the deal but do not speak openly.

In an unusually tense and harsh tone, Rouhani said, “I don’t want to criticize the universities. You yourselves have to criticize the universities. Why are the universities silent? Why are the professors silent? We want Socrates-like bravery. What are you afraid of?”

Speaking of the Geneva nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 Rouhani said, “Why is that [when] a big international work is done, university professors write private letters? Why don’t they come and speak?”

Rouhani stressed, “At the very least, this Geneva deal was the first opening for universities and money for university students.” Iran received $500 million in unblocked money Feb. 1 as part of the nuclear deal.

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