Namatzadeh: Peugeot should compensate for its substandard services to Iran

Tehran, Feb 4, IRNA – Minister of Industry, Mine and Commerce Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh on Tuesday criticized that French motor-car manufacturing company, Peugeot, for substandard services it delivered to Iranian market in the past and said that the company must pay compensation to Iranian partners.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Conference dubbed Economy and joint investment of Iranian and French companies, he said Peugeot should compensate for the mistakes it made in the past should they seek to continue with cooperation with Iran.

ˈTo continue with the joint projects with Peugeot, we call for having more shares in export of products,ˈ he said.

Iran-France current level of trade stood at euro 240 million which is believed has the potential to exceed euro five billion a year by removal of the sanctions, Nematzadeh said.

The European and American companies are eager to play active role in the Iranian market and in the future more economic delegations from different countries will pay a visit to Iran to study ways to expand economic cooperation.



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