Iranian judiciary confirms Karroubi’s continued house arrest

Iran’s Prosecutor General announced today that the transfer of Mehdi Karroubi to his home in Jamaran does not mean that the opposition leader is no longer under house arrest.

Ghomalhossein Mohseni Ejei once again referred to the 2009 election protests as a show of sedition that made “the revolution’s enemies” happy and, therefore, “its perpetrators must pay for their cruel deeds.”

He maintained that Mehdi Karroubi has been treated with “much mercy” and the change in his location “does not mean any change in policy.”

Ejei added: “Whoever has committed a crime and then repents and tries to make amends will of course be dealt with differently.”

On Saturday February 1, Mohammad Hossein Karroubi, the son of Mehdi Karroubi, announced on his Facebook page that his father has been transferred to his own home, after three years at a home that belonged to the intelligence minister, but he remains under house arrest.

By Radio Zamaneh 


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