An Iranian custom designer murdered in Italy, allegedly by an Indian couple

(ANSA) – Venice, February 3 – Two suspects were in custody Monday after police said they confessed to the murder of an Iranian woman found stuffed in a suitcase in a Venetian canal.

The suspects are an Indian couple who shared a Milan apartment with the victim, 29-year-old Mahfab Ahadsavoji, whose body was uncovered last Tuesday off the island of Lido. The pair, Rajeshwar Singh and Gagandeep Kaur, allegedly strangled the woman to death after she refused a sexual advance. They then stuffed her body inside luggage with rollers and took it by train to the northern city of Lecco with the intention of tossing it into Lake Como, police said.
After determining there were too many witnesses in the area, the pair opted to take the body to Venice instead, again by train, police said.
A Venice taxi driver told police they paid him 500 euros for the return trip to Milan.
Police said the pair initially denied involvement, but their movements with the suitcase were allegedly captured by security cameras at the Venice train station, prompting a confession. The victim’s nude body was identified by fingerprints.
A known costume designer in Iran, Ahadsavoji was in Milan for a two-month course at the renowned Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

By La Gazzetta Del


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