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Erdogan: Turkey, Iran resolved to continue cooperation on Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in his recent visit to Tehran both sides underlined the need for the expansion of mutual cooperation to find a diplomatic solution to the bloodshed in Syria.

Speaking to reporters in Ankara on Friday, Erdogan said Iranian officials have called for the expulsion of terrorist groups from Syria and an end to foreign support for them.

He stressed that the Turkish Foreign Ministry and intelligence agency will keep in contact with their Iranian counterparts over the issue.

On Wednesday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran and Ankara share common views over regional issues after Erdogan vowed to have tight cooperation with Iran in combating terrorist groups.

The two top officials reiterated accelerated efforts to reinvigorate cooperation on bilateral, regional and international scenes.

Erdogan said Turkey shares Iran’s sensitivity to the necessity of campaign against terrorism, and stated, “The terrorist groups that are operating under the cover of Islam are no way related to Islam. Where has it been mentioned in Islam that innocent people should be killed in the most savage way.”

“We will widen our cooperation shoulder-to-shoulder with Iran in combating terrorist groups,” underlined the Turkish prime minister.

The Turkish prime minister noted the strengthened, age-old, brotherly relations and bonds between the two nations, and urged all-out expansion of Tehran-Ankara relations in all the political, economic and cultural fields.

In response, the Iranian president told the visiting Turkish premier that “we share common views about crucial regional issues, including campaign against terrorism and extremism”.

He further pointed to the two countries’ shared views about the need for immediate assistance and aid to the Syrian people as among those areas the two Muslim neighboring states can have tighter cooperation.

President Rouhani underlined that only the Syrian people are entitled to the right to decide the fate and future of their country, and added, “Iran-Turkey cooperation on other regional issues, specially those related to neighbors’ security which are among the two countries’ common concerns, should develop as well.”

Iran and Turkey are both trying to return to the golden age of their relations after a period of recession in ties due to their differences on certain regional issues, specially over Syria.

Erdogan and his accompanying delegation arrived in Tehran on Tuesday night for a two-day visit.

By Fars News Agency


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