Syria’s instability threat to Lebanon: Iran security official

Nasim–Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani said the continuation of the crisis and instability in Syria can be a setback to the security and peace in Lebanon.

“Resistance against arrogance is an indigenous concept in the nature of right-seeking and free humans which cannot be confined to religious, ethnic and national boundaries,” said Shamkhani in a meeting with head of the Druze Lebanese Democratic Party Emir Talal Arslan here in Tehran on Wednesday morning.

He later underlined the political and national will of the Lebanese people and leaders for sticking to resistance, and added that the impressive integrity and coherence of the Lebanese society is the result of pure balanced resistive thinking.

He further asserted that the continuation of instability and crisis in Syria aggravated by Takfiri terrorists is a threat to the security of Lebanon.

For his part, Arslan underscored the political, cultural and social commonalities between Tehran and Beirut, and presented a report of the security developments in Lebanon in the recent months.

By Nasim Online 


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