Rouhani: Coming months in Iran will be ‘comparatively better’

Fareed speaks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani about the future of Green Movement leaders.

There are leaders in Iran who had a great deal of popular support from the people of Iran who now sit under house arrest.  I’m thinking of the leaders of the so-called Green Movement, which include a former prime minister, a former president of Iran. Can they not be released from house arrest?

Well, nobody will remain in prison forever.  And nobody stays under house arrest indefinitely.  I believe that the conditions which prevail inside Iran calls for peace, calls for reconciliation, more convergence, less divergence.

My feeling tells me that the conditions in the coming months inside Iran will be comparatively better than what used to exist in the past. With this, I share the hope that the day will come wherein peace, brotherhood, peaceful coexistence will be much more tangible inside Iran in comparison to years past.  And I have every confidence that that day will come.



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