Parliament debates budget in evening session

TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament has addressed the general budget bill in the open session.

The morning session in the Parliament saw legislators addressing the general budget bill of the next Iranian year (beginning March 21). A total of 20 representatives will deliver speeches for or against the budget bill.

In morning session, Iraj Nadimi, from Lahijan constituency, Ismail Jalili, from Masjed Soleiman constituency, Hoseinali Haji Deligani, from Shahin Shahr, Barkhar, and Meimeh constituency, Hadi Shushtari, from Quchan and Farouj constituency, Mohammad Baqer Shariati from Behbehan constituency, Shahin Mohammad Sadeghi from Kazeron constituency, Seyed Ramazan Shojaei Kiasari from Sari constituency, and Mansour Arani from Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Abu Musa, and Hajiabad constituency spoke for the general budget bill.

In the ‘against’ camp, Shahrouz Afkhami from Malekan constituency, Kamal Alipour from Qaemshahr, Savadkouh, and Juybar constituency, Shokr Khoda Mousavi from Ahvaz and Bavi constituency, Mostafa Afzalifard from Ardebil, Nir, Namin, and Sarein constituency, Behzad Lahouti from Langrood constituency, Alireza Salimi from Mahalat and Delijan constituency,  and Ahmad Tavakoli and Hamid Rasaei from Tehran delivered speeches in open session.

The opposing camp believes that the Combined Commission of the Parliament had not yet finished the examination of Targeted Subsidies Plan bill, and that the bill should return to the Commission.

In evening session, four representatives will speak for and against the bill and then the Parliament will vote on the budget.

By Mehr News Agency 


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