Iranian automaker targets new fuel economy plans

TEHRAN (FNA)- “Producing CNG-base, diesel and fuel economy engines as TU5 family is considered as IKCO’s long term strategy to reduce emission as well as production of engines meeting Euro V standards and higher,” the CEO of Iran’s largest car-maker, the Iran-Khodro Company (IKCO) said.

Referring to his company’s plan to equip products with Euro IV engines Hashem Yeke Zare said, “IKCO short term plans to reduce fuel consumption, which will be reached within two years from now are limiting fuel consumption to 6 to 6.5 l/100km for each car, discontinuing the production of high fuel consumption cars, while presenting fuel economy ones like EF7 engine.”

According to the CEO, the company will soon present diesel cars to the market and at the same time, ECU and EMS calibration will help IKCO to produce economy cars with less emission.

In the meantime, Hossein Izanlou, IPCO deputy CEO in research and product development, emphasized that this subsidiary of IKCO soon would be able to conduct all required Euro IV tests in its R&D center.

“Iranian National Standards Organization has recently audited our car and engine labs and we could successfully gain the confirmation for ISO 17025 in order to perform Euro IV tests,” claimed IPCO deputy CEO.

Measuring emission, horsepower, fuel consumption and engine performance are considered as some of the qualifications of this lab. Izanlou also asserted that the new standard covered the two auto part dimension measuring and material analysis labs.

By Fars News Agency 


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