Iran to export dairy products to 24 countries

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran will export dairy products to 24 countries by the end of the Iranian calendar year (which ends on March 20).

The value of exported agricultural and foodstuff products will respectively reach 4.2 and 1.5 billion dollars, 636 million dollars of which belong to dairy exports,” said Managing Director of Iran’s Dairy Industries Trade Company (Pegah) Mehdi Alipour.

“Now Iran has minimized its dairy products imports (except butter) and is exporting goods as well.”

Iran has been exporting dairy products to 18 countries so far, he said, adding, “By the end of this year and given the improvement of international atmosphere there are new clients for Iranian dairy products.”

“Considering the improved marketing for the goods, the number of importing countries is expected to rise to 24 by the end of this year.”

He further added the company’s exports totaled 200 million dollars over last three years.



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