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Iran daily: Supreme Leader “You can’t succeed in Syria without us”

The Supreme Leader, through his senior foreign policy advisor, has said that the Geneva II talks on Syria’s crisis are unlikely to yield “favorable” results because Iran is not present.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a foreign Foreign Minister and Presidential candidate, said on Sunday that talks have been doomed by the “illegitimate demands” of Syria’s “foreign-backed” opposition.

He said the peace conference will likely end without “tangible” and “positive” results as it lacks any solid basis, with the opposition consisting of “mercenaries and supporters of terrorism”.

At the start of last week, the United Nations invited Iran to the conference, but the invitation was withdrawn, following the insistence of the Syrian opposition and the US that Tehran accept President Assad’s departure for a transitional governing authority.

The Islamic Republic said the demand was not legitimate and claimed it had never requested the invitation to the meeting.

Larijani: We Will Increase Military Budget in Response to US Threats

Iran is continuing its campaign against US Secretary of State John Kerry’s “military options still on the table” remark, with Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani declaring that the Majlis will increase the country’s military budget in response to Washington’s “war rhetoric”.

Larijani told MPs, “You heard Kerry’s remarks and saw his sabre-rattling against the Islamic Republic of Iran and we should fully understand this sensitivity and take practical measures against it.”

The Supreme Leader’s advisor to the Revolutionary Guards, Yadollah Javani, added his warning, “The Americans are well aware that if they make a mistake, the Islamic Republic’s response will be much [more] crushing and devastating and in other words, we will give a response with a wider radius.”

Kerry said last Thursday that the US had all measures ready if Iran did not adhere to November’s interim nuclear agreement.

Over the weekend, Iranian lawmakers, the military, and the Foreign Ministry queued up to denounce Washington, with Revolutionary Guards head Mohammad Ali Jafari pronouncing:

Mr. Kerry must know that direct battle with the US is the biggest dream of pious and revolutionary people across the world. Your threats offer our revolutionary people the best opportunity.

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