Rouhani invites world’s economic giants to make invetments in Iran

Tehran, Jan 24, IRNA – Towards end of January, Swiss snowy city Davos hosts hundreds of international guests every year, but the 48th Davos Economic Forum differs in certain ways, including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s enthusiastic presence in it.

Davos guests include world leaders, owners of major world economic firms and cartels, and top economic analysts from major universities around the globe.

Rohani’s Thursday comments in Davos Economic World Forum received the positive reaction of some 40 world leaders, top merchants, and economic activists present in the meeting.

The Iranian president said that the ground is quite paved for making invetments in every possible economic field in Iran and that his presence in the forum was an appropriate opportunity for familiarizing the participants with the high capacities and potentials of the Iranian economy.

Elaborating on the new economic and investment conditions in Iran, President Rohani said that today the Iranian economy is the closest, most harmonious, and highest capacity economy to the newly emerging, successful economies, arguing that the Iranian economy will be moving along with and side by side with the global economy.

The president said, “I invite those who are present at this gathering to visit Iran and to observe the broad investment and joint cooperation potentials that can contribute to boosting security personally.”

He said that in such visits they could get in close contact with the state and private sector economic activists, get in touch with the Iranian culture and civilization, and observe the exemplary Iranian hospitality.

Rohani said that that way the Iranians and their guests from around the globe will together come up with the conclusion that only through interactions, cooperation, harmony, mutual understanding, and economic and technological growth we can provide better living conditions for the people, stabilize peace, and build up a world devoid of aggression and extremism.

This is the first time during the course of the past decade that the highest executive official of the Islamic Republic of Iran is attending the Davos Economic World Forum as a special guest.

Before President Rohani, only Seyyed Mohammad Khatami in the year 2004 had addressed the Davos gathering as the president of Iran at the time.

The economic and political analysts have opined that the greatest practical achievement of Rohani’s visit of Davos is drawing clear perspectives of foreign investments’ in various sectors of the Iranian economy, especially in energy sector, and ensuring the investors about the security of their major, long term invetments in this country.

They say that the president’s presence in Davos Forum paves the path for making investments in Iran, particularly in oil and gas fields.



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