Netanyahu slams Rouhani’s speech at Davos as ‘continuing with the Iranian show of deception’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “is continuing with the Iranian show of deception,” responding to a speech made by the Islamic Republic’s leader in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum.

“At a time when Rouhani condemns the killing of innocents, dozens of innocents were recently executed in Iran,” Netanyahu said. “At a time when Rouhani talks about a positive approach to technology, he prevents Iranians from freely surfing the Internet. At a time when Rouhani talks about peace with the countries of the Middle East, he refuses – even today – to recognize the existence of the State of Israel, and his regime daily calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. At a time when Rouhani claims that Iran is not interested in a nuclear project for military purposes, Iran continues to strengthen its centrifuges and heavy water reactor, and to arm itself with intercontinental missiles, the sole purpose of which is for nuclear weapons.”

“Rouhani has admitted that a decade ago, he deceived the West in order to advance the Iranian nuclear program. He is doing this today as well,” Netanyahu said.

“The goal of the Iranian ayatollahs’ regime, which is hiding behind Rouhani’s smiles, is to ease sanctions without conceding on their program to produce nuclear weapons. Therefore, the international community must not go astray after this deception, and it must prevent Iran from attaining the ability to produce nuclear weapons.”

Rouhani’s appearance at Davos comes as world leaders move towards embracing Iran after the Islamic Republic formalized a treaty this week with world powers that would see it grant access to its nuclear sites by international inspectors in exchange for an easing of harsh economic sanctions that have crippled the regime. However, the country’s foreign minister late Wednesday told CNN that much of what had been heralded in the West as diplomatic concessions won against Iran in the treaty were exaggerated.

By The Algemeiner


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